Dr. Reed A. Cartwright is a Research Associate II in Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston. He studied population genetics and evolutionary biology at the University of Georgia.


His research interests cover many different questions in population genetics and molecular evolution. He considers himself an evolutionary geneticist, with strengths in computational biology and stochastic models. He has worked on frequency-dependent selection models, spatial genetic models, indel evolution models, sequence alignment, and phylogenetic models. His current research involves estimating indel rates and length distributions, applying population genetic models to phylogeny reconstruction, and finding de novo mutations and SNPs from next-gen sequencing of human genomes.

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In addition to running De Rerum Natura, Reed also manages the largest group blog on evolution, The Panda’s Thumb. In addition he develops plugins and hacks for the Movable Type blogging software. He is an expert on dispatching MT under FastCGI and Lighttpd, as well as integrating it with jQuery. He was editor and designer of The Open Laboratory: The Best Science Writing on Blogs 2007. He is co-creator of Prof. Steve Steve.

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