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I got an email today from Eran Elhaik that their paper using Dawg has been published by Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Elhaik, Sabath, and Graur (2005) The “Inverse Relationship Between Evolutionary Rate and age of Mammalian Genes” is an Artifact of Increased Genetic Distance with Rate of Evolution and Time of Divergence. Molecular Biology and Evolution Advance Access Sept. 8

Abstract: It has recently been claimed that older genes tend to evolve more slowly than newer ones (Alba and Castresana, 2005). By simulation of genes of equal age, we show that the inverse correlation between age and rate is an artifact caused by our inability to detect homology when evolutionary distances are large. Since evolutionary distance increases with time of divergence and rate of evolution, homologs of fast evolving genes are frequently undetected in distantly related taxa and are, hence, misclassified as “new.” This misclassification causes the mean genetic distance of “new” genes to be overestimated, and the mean genetic distance of “old” genes to be underestimated.


Hey! This is totally unrelated to your post, but did you see the Daily Show last night?? If not you need to watch the repeat today (I think there is one at 8pm) and then watch the rest of them this week! Then, your homework assignment is that you MUST blog about them! You can wait until the end of the week and cover them all at once, I will allow that. But you MUST complete this assignment…the fate of the world is in your hands. (This message will self-destruct) Tee hee!

Excellent!!! I guess that will suffice for your assignment. Although, it is kind of cheating to turn it into a group project without my permission.

Are people still talking about evolution? I thought this whole thing was settled and the answer is that we are all part of a divine, inscrutable plan with a primary and capricious mover in the background. Did I miss something?

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