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This is the story from today’s Athens Paper:

Athens motorists jammed local filling stations Wednesday afternoon as gas prices surged to more than $3 a gallon.

The lines mirrored similar panic buying across Georgia as word of possible shortages and even rationing spread, but the situation was exacerbated in Athens by a widespread rumor that local retailers would stop selling gas by 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Regular unleaded was just under $3 a gallon when University of Georgia student Lindsey Phillips got in line at the Quick Stop on Lexington Road and Winterville Road. Half an hour later, as she began pumping gas at about 3:15 p.m., the station raised the price to $3.39 a gallon. The price Wednesday morning had been $2.71.

The rumor that local retailers would stop selling at 3 p.m. may have created an area gasoline shortage, said wholesalers like Bobby Tweedell of Tweedell & Van Buren Oil Co.

Before Wednesday’s panic, the supplier had about a five-day supply of gasoline on hand, but Wednesday afternoon’s stampede meant the supply could run out late Friday or early Saturday, Tweedell said.

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