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Two Faculty Positions In Evolutionary Biology

As part of a long-term commitment to building strengths in evolutionary biology, the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia plans to hire five new faculty in evolutionary biology over the next three years. This year, we invite applications for two tenure-track positions in evolutionary biology at the Assistant Professor level. For one position, we have a preference for a scientist working in the field of molecular evolution. For the second position, we are looking for an evolutionary biologist whose work includes a strong theoretical component. Future faculty lines will be in the areas of ecological genetics, evolutionary genomics, and evolution & development.

Applications should be sent by email as a single PDF file that includes a cover letter, CV, statements of research and teaching interests, and representative publications, by October 14, 2005 to the appropriate e-mail address below. Three letters of recommendation should be sent by the references, either in PDF format to the appropriate e-mail address, or in hard copy, to the Molecular Evolution Search Committee or the Evolutionary Biology/Theory Search Committee, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-7223. Applicants interested in applying for both positions should send two separate applications.

For information about the department, see For the molecular evolution position, please send applications to: [Enable javascript to see this email address.]. For the evolutionary biology/theory position, please send applications to [Enable javascript to see this email address.].

The theory position is to fill the void left in the department after my advisor, Dr. Marjorie Asmussen, was tragicly killed while riding her bike. Maybe I can get myself appointed as the student rep on the theory search committee.

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