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The Big Time!

I’ve hit the big time! I’m referenced in an AiG Publication: Nelson CW (2004) Human/chimp DNA similarity continues to decrease: counting indels. TJ 18(2):37-40.

Although these results are interesting, there has been debate over whether or not indels should be included in sequence divergence estimates. For example, a mutation called a translocation can occur, in which a segment of DNA breaks off from one chromosome and is inserted in another. The original Britten study discussed such rearrangement events briefly and found them to be frequent. Due to the fact that indel differences were defined as —the full length of the gaps’ in the genomes, the estimates would not be able to consider this kind of mutational change easily.14 New research will hopefully aid in the understanding of changes in genome organization, and give clues as to how these changes can be included in estimates of human/chimp similarity.

I’m reference number 14, and I’m in the acknowledgements as well.

Now I’m a somebody!

Here I am working to finish my dissertation so I can defend in June, and PZ drops a bombshell on me.

You see, five-time-Nobel-Peace-Prize-nominee, Johnny “BC” Hart has said what noone else in my education was willing to say, “Science Fiction [is] Any scientific acclaim that omits God.”


Now with little time left to spare I need to redo my entire dissertation to include God. I need to ask you, my reader, to help me on my dissertation. I’m a theoretician, and I have used simulations heavily. I need someone out there to send me the source code for God and in the following languages: C/C++, Perl, R, Matlab, and Mathematica. I need to include Her in my simulations as Johnny “BC” Hart’s wisdom directs.

Can anyone save me? I promise that Prof. Steve Steve will reward you.

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