Brian Rohrbough is an Idiot

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Brian Rohrbough is an idiot. He got up on CBS news tonight and blamed school violence on evolution:

This country is in a moral free-fall. For over two generations, the public school system has taught in a moral vacuum, expelling God from the school and from the government, replacing him with evolution, where the strong kill the weak, without moral consequences and life has no inherent value.

Only a crazy man, divorced from reality can say such things.

The public school system is not a moral vacuum. Teachers, administrators, and students all have their own morals which they freely share with their peers. God is still well in schools, and will be as long as religious people are in public schools. Only a person who does not spend enough time working with their children’s public school, would think that school is a God free zone. Between bible clubs, fellowships, and prayer circles students have a wide range of opportunities to be pious in school. And that is only in schools that behave constitutionally. If the rate of reported violations of the establishment clause is any guide, a large proportion of public schools have no trouble forcing religion on pupils.

Because of the bible-thumping politics of idiots like Brian Rohrbough, very few schools actually teach evolution in the US. Even when evolution is in state standards, teachers and administrators often find ways to ignore it. Some do it because they actively oppose evolution, others because they don’t want to lose their jobs. For the most part, the public school system teaches in an evolution vacuum. Its like teaching chemistry without atomic theory, but schools do it because that is the way thugs like Brian Rohrbough want it.

Evolution is not about the strong killing the weak. It is about the fertile out breeding the infertile. A seventeen year-old in a murder/suicide is not going to get lucky at the senior prom, despite what Weekend at Bernie’s says. In that sense, I would argue that evolution gives a wonderful value to life: children and grandchildren.

Pundits love to complain about evolutionary theory being godless and lacking morals, but they never seem to have issues with the godlessness of atomic theory. The explanation for the diversity of life no more devalues life than the explanation for the diversity of chemical reactions.

Science explains the world; it doesn’t provide a guide for living your life.—Parents do that.

But I guess if you are the type of parent who expects biology class to be the moral guide to your children, then you are too stupid to realize who is actually to blame for them being so screwed up.

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The Brian Rohrbough issue has me thinking about the numbers. Are there more liberals than conservatives, more left that right? Are we really in a world where the an utterance against abortion and the admonition of the Godlessness of our schools is real... Read More


Well said, my son. I suppose I did do a great job raising you.…

Love, MOM

Sigh. Clearly the Brian has an agenda and is blabbing it. It doesn’t matter (to him) that his argument is full of non-sequitors. As long as he gets on TV he is happy. Unfortunately, people haven’t learned to filter TV, internet etc. to understand that this is an example of hyperbole.

..a father of a columbine victim? WHy should I care what his views on ‘morality’ are? & why does he get the mike on ‘science’? Shame on CBS!

I’m doing my part though raising good atheists & promoting science-literacy whenever I can!

As an aspiring teacher in training, I thank you for your insightful comments and support of education.

I’m reminded of the Yale prof who was badly injured by the Unibomber. He made the rounds of the talk shows denouncing the moral relativism of the age even though nobody on the planet was more of a moral absolutist than the Unibomber himself whose ideology had a decidedly dogmatic cast.

The rule seems to be, round up the usual suspects.

I see many folks like “Brain” repeatedly attach the accusation of “liberalism” and “Darwinism” to the insane behavior of folks like the perpetrator of the Ahmish school shooting, and then I see the words of the actual perpetrator, who claimed he was “angry at god” for taking his premature daughter.

so, uh, if this person never believed in god to begin with, would he have felt so betrayed, i wonder?

What i see are a lot of psychological breaks caused by belief in something that doesn’t exist, and having to deal with the resultant letdown when faced with some personal trauma.

some folks apparently deal with it better than others.

That guy is a total cretin. I am sorry his son was shot but blaming it on lack of god in school and evolution is just plain idiotic. The guy is a moronic buffoon of the highest calibre.


He was on O’Reilly tonight saying he son was killed because of evolution (being taught?).

O’Reilly then blamed the far left for something, and claimed millions of Americans shared his view.

You people obviously are very uninformed.…let alone deprived of anything intellectually stimulating or morally correct. You even distort what was said on O’Reilly. No one, especially Mr. Rohrbough said his son was killed because of evolution. Thank GOD we have people like him. But I guess if you are listening to O’Reilly you might be grasping for the truth and maybe someday you will grow up. Hey, you might even tune into RUSH. You are obviously very very naive.

Huh, from the trackback, it looks like one of the anti-liberty posters at StopTheACLU thinks I’m a “liberal”. As we say in Georgia, “dems fightin’ words”.

Hint: I’m a moderate libertarian with no party affiliation.

Perhaps I should clarify. I meant that the one true constant is an individuals Christian faith. My faith is the constant in an ever changing world. As for the computer it is no different than the technology applied through innovative tools used to build the great churches and cathedrals throughout the world.

You are presumptuous to say that I am anti-science. However, the track record of scientists is a pale comparison to the constant of an individuals faith. I will argue that point anytime you wish.

If you believe that faith is constant, then I guess you must go to a church that doesn’t send missionaries to the “unchurched”. After all, if faith is constant then there is no reason to try to convert anyone because it can’t work. It seems to me that a concept of constant faith is not compatible with traditional Christian theology. Personally, I prefer to think that people can grow in their faith.

As an educator, I prefer students that can discover the answer to a question over students that prefer to repeat the same answer over and over again with the hope that in the end it will be correct. In fact, there is some interesting scientific research that finds that students who do poorly in class often do not realize that they are doing poorly. The same skills required for a student to evaluate his work, are the same skills required to do the work correctly in the first place.

Building computers and temples are similar. In both instances, people were using scientific principals and skills learned through experimentation. People don’t build temples by throwing a bunch of blocks together and praying that it will stay up. (Well, knowing humans, some have tried.)

And finally, insisting that the self-correcting nature of science is a bad thing is an anti-science position.

Cartwright. I am a public school educator (former high school teacher and basketball coach, high school principal and current district administrator) and I do not take offense at Mr. Rohrbough’s comments at all. I totally agree with them.


You totally agree with his comments? Are you telling me that your schools in Kentucky have expelled God? That no students pray in school or say grace before they eat. There are no bible clubs, no fellowship of Christian Athletes. That students on your basketball team didn’t huddle up and pray before and after each game. Or that you, yourself, did not hold yourself up as a good Christian gentleman while in school.

I find that doubtful. All my experience with Georgia public schools, tells me otherwise. But maybe Kentucky is special.


Now we are developing a true respectful discourse and by the way, congratulations on your doctorate.

In answer to your question which I am sure must have been rhetorical because since you have a doctorate I know that you already know the answer to your question.

Thanks to ACLUnatics (we have had their attorneys at our graduation exercises just waiting to sue if we pray and they are gunning for everything else that is Christian) it has been difficult. We have been in a war against evil ever since the Madeline Murray O’Hare decision handed down by a liberal secular progressive Supreme Court. They have demanded that God stay out of our business for so long now that He is obliging.

I will be off-line for the next week because I am going out of town however, I look forward to future debate.


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