Governor Schweitzer

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I’ve really liked Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer for a while now. He seems to get it. What first endeared him to me was his position on logging: (paraphrasing) “don’t cut down the forests, we need them for deer season.” Pragmatic positions like that are just what the Democrats could use in the next election to appeal to rural voters. You are not going to see that from Hillary Clinton, who I personally think would make a horrible presidental candidate.

John Pieret finds another reason for me to like Governor Schweitzer: opposition to pseudoscience.

Schweitzer said he needs support from a state Legislature that will help move Montana’s agenda forward, “not people who think the Earth is 4,000 years old.”

You, Montanans, are so lucky.

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There is an article about him in the Sunday NY Times magazine this week, I think, I meant to remind you about it. I haven’t read it–the elephant story got me first.

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