Harry Beaver, Ob-Gyn


A friend from the DC area told me a story a few years ago about a doctor’s sign in DC. The name on the sign was Harry Beaver, and he was an Ob-Gyn. (Wouldn’t you have known it.)

I told the story today to some friends, and they figured it was an urban legend. So I did some googling and found the doctor’s website and this post on Dave Barry’s Blog. Harry Beaver’s daughters even show up in the comments.

I like this comment from “Sarah”.

I can vouch that Harry C. Beaver was indeed a practicing ob-gyn. He delivered me, at Letterman Army Hospital in the Presidio (San Francisco) in 1968, and his name is on my birth certificate. I have it framed; how could I resist? My father (who was also an Army doc at the time, and around the same age, early/mid-thirties) swears that Doc Beaver had no idea his name was funny, but I attribute that to my father’s naivete.

The best part of the birth cert, though, is his military rank. Private Harry Beaver would have been funny enough, but Army doctors start out as officers. To my eternal delight, I was brought into this world by…

Major Harry Beaver.


You Name Rocks Dude !!!!!

i, too, was delivered by Dr. Harry Beaver. (DC area in 1977)

My daughter also was supposed to have been delivered by Dr. Harry Beaver (I couldn’t believe it when my wife told me his name), but she came 5 minutes premature and was delivered in a gas station (at 2:18 am, on October 3, 1985) in Falls Church, VA as we were on our way to Fairfax Hospital.

too funny. … no urban legend here . . he is a good friend of mines father!!

For fifteen years whenever the subject of funny or unfortunate names comes up, I tell people about Harry Beaver OBGYN. My wife worked with his daughter. Here’s another funny one. My son played hockey with a kid who introduced his dad, with a straight face, as Dick Wacker. Dick Wacker lays pipe for a living, he’s a plumber. Wacker Plumbing.

I am he! Most of that recorded here is true and accurate (few details in some stories are not accurate) and I can vouch for all of them. My daughters comments are accurate and those of my patients. I trained in OB/GYN at LETTERMAN GEN HOSP in San Francisco and those stories reflect facts as I was then a Major U S Army Med Corps. The largest part of my career was spent at FAIRFAX Hosp in Northern Virginia where I retired from clinical practice in 1999. I spent the next five years in administrative medicine as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine. Since 2005 I have been a local Medical Examiner covering Prince Willliam, Loudoun, Faquier and Fairfax counties. Some have labeled me as “Dr WOMB to TOMB” but I prefer my other title as “Dr ALPHA & OMEGA” because I can say that…I used to sign ‘em IN (babies) and now I sign ‘em OUT (corpses). My name does appear on the birth certificates of just over 6000 babies and in now appears on nearly 1000 death certificates. I have even been noted by several of my, now grown up, babies to have signed their parents death certificates.

Yes that’s right we can attest to all that because he has been a good friend for some time now. DOC BEAVER ONCE AN OB/GYN DOCTOR IS NOW KNOW AS OUR FRIEND THE “MEDICAL EXAMINER” yep that’s right he is now an ME and his card reads Dr Alpha and Omega… HE ONCE HELPED BRING THEM INTO THIS WORLD NOW HE IS SEEING THEM OUT. How fitting!!!!! Don’t you just love it. He is a wonderful wonderful person, a very special friend and above all he lovesd the Lord. NOW I ask you what can be better than that. I’m glad he touched our lives as I’m sure all of you are whose lives he touched. What a blessing! Keep it going “Doc”

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