Stoopid French


It looks like the French are creating an international controversy because they are making it illegal to say that the Turks didn’t commit genocide against the Armenians. You could go to jail for a year for voicing an opinion that the French politicians don’t agree with. It’s anti-liberty laws like this that make me want to stay in America, where we have First Amendment protections.



Nobody’s really going to jail for voicing that opinion. It just close the door to any politician to express this view when visiting. The reason behind is, because Turkey inevitably will belong Europe soon, we should go with high standards with regard to the human rights. It’s basically a big reminder that the least we can accept, is public apologizes.

But yes, try to learn some history now. There are still a lot of Armenian refugees in France. Because a lot of people fled this genocide. If you want to meet some, it’s probably not going to happen were you live.

Yes, deniers are happy in your country, deniers of any kind. Tell me then, when so many Americans think evolution is just a theory, who is really looking “stoopid”…?

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