Ken Miller's Talk

Tonight, Prof. Steve Steve and I went to see Dr. Ken Miller give the R. L. Rabb Lecture. We met up the Coturnix and Big Dumb Chimp at the lecture. Interestingly, Big Dumb Chimp is actually the grandson of R. L. Rabb.

Anyway, Prof. Steve Steve got to be part of the action because Dr. Miller needed his J.D.-M.D.-quintuple Ph.D expertise to run the projector. And I think we can all agree that Dr. Miller’s polished presentation wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for Prof. Steve Steve’s direction.

After Miller gave his excellent talk, there was a panel discussion on prayer in a scientific society. The discussion topic was chosen to cover a limited area of theology, and probably to avoid turning Miller’s talk into a debate about creationism. (A group of creationists in attendance were noticeably disappointed that there wasn’t a debate scheduled.) On the panel were five local clergy: a Reform Judaism rabbi, a liberal Baptist pastor, an evangelical pastor, a Muslim imam, and a Presbyterian pastor. Nothing really notable happened on the panel discussion. There were no arguments between panelists, just a lot of agreement about how they use prayer in their lives and in the lives of their congregations. Basically they all said that prayer can exist in a society built on the fruits of science because prayer isn’t just about asking for intervention.

After the panel discussion, Miller got mobbed by people wanting him to sign books and creationists wanting to challenge him. (As if Miller doesn’t know every single talking point they can think of.) Eventually things quieted down enough where Miller could get his picture taken with Prof. Steve Steve.

We’ll post photos as soon as they get developed.

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Sent by A Blog Around The Clock on November 7, 2006 1:38 PM

Last night I went back to my old campus to attend the Dr. Robert Rabb Lecture by Ken Miller. The Stewart Theater was packed. I saw a lof of old friends, but, as it was crowded, only got to spend... [Read More]

Sent by Rev. BigDumbChimp on November 8, 2006 12:40 PM

First off I'd like to say thank you to Dr. Miller and all of the panelists who came to speak at the lecture in honor of my grandfather (like any of them will ever read this). It was pretty touching to see what a huge turn out there was and the kind w... [Read More]

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Posted by Rev. BigDumbChimp on November 7, 2006 12:12 PM

Nice to meet you guys. Wish I could have hung around for a few adult beverages and to hear the back and forth between Dr. Miller and the creationists.

It was nice finally getting to meet Prof. Steve Steve. I can’t wait for my fat mug to be up on the internet with him.