Good Riddance!



My darling wildernesse has an interesting post up about the removal of her home—unincorporated—town (Ellerslie, GA) from the official state transportation map. You see, the Georgia DOT has decided to remove some 500 location names from their state road map.

Poor Experiment, GA. Poor Dixie Union, GA. Poor Lost Mountain, GA. Poor New Georgia, GA. And poor Reed Creek, GA. They no longer deserve to exist according to the DOT.

As wildernesse points out, the places most affected are either crossroads in rural Georgia or unincorporated communities in the shadow of larger communities, like Evans and Martinez, GA, two suburbs of Augusta.

I have to agree with the man who said it shows a disrespect for the rural areas. Some of those towns are in areas where it’s hard to figure out why it would be cluttered there—Dewy Rose, for instance is near Elberton. There is nothing cluttering up the area near there. Same for Box Springs and Upatoi and Juniper—they are the only things on the map between Columbus and Buena Vista or Butler. How can they be cluttering the map?

Well, actually they are not just taking the nowheresvilles off the map. If you read the names, you realize that they are taking the little towns that are being enveloped by the metro areas off the map. As if Ellerslie, Cataula, Midland, Upatoi, Box Springs, and Mountain Hill were just all one big happy family with its big, dumb neighbor Columbus. I am NOT from Columbus! Why would anyone go somewhere outside a city?—ask Metro-ites. It’s the same for Atlanta—Tucker is leaving too. And Augusta—Evans, Phinizy.

Musella! Pennington! I keep reading names that are real places to me that are being wiped off the map. How are you going to tell people where to get delicious peach ice cream between Forsyth and Talbotton if you can’t point to Musella on the map?

Now that Ellerslie, GA is no longer, I will now have to skip Winterval with the in-laws because I can’t find them on the map.


These places are probably included in GNIS (Geographic Names Information System, here which provides lat-long, type of feature (stream, city, place, etc.). Will those places remain on any maps other than the state road maps?

Well, commercial maps aren’t removing them right now–and maps like the DeLorme gazetteer have those names and more. The state just wants to make a pared-down version for people who are mainly traveling between cities.

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