Squidbillies Rule!

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Tiffany and I absolutely love Squidbillies; although, she forgets to watch it when I’m not around. Last night’s episode, “Survival of the Dumbest”, was absolutely hilarious. The episode dealt with the origin of squid, with both religious and evolutionary explanations. As usual Early wore various hats, but this time they involved Jesus and Darwin fish.

Probably the funniest moment to me is when the sheriff pasted a warning label on a library book: How Stella—Allegedly—Got Her Groove Back. I was laughing so hard I had to pause my DVR, which I guess happens often with Squidbillies.

In Cobb County the school board would have pasted a wordier disclaimer into the book:


1 Comment

I agree!!! squidbillies is the funniest show EVER!!! And I mean EVER!!!!! I just preordered the 2 DVD set of the firt season plus extras!!!

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