Are Evangelicals Becoming Less Egnorant?


CNN has a story on developments at the National Association of Evangelicals’s meeting. It appears that ultra-conservative, partisan Republican lapdogs are no longer able to dictate politics to evangelicals. The association rejected a push by prominent, Fox-News evangelicals like Dobson and Bauer to reject global warming, affirming its support of Washington policy director Cizik’s message that on global warming is offensive to God.

But they didn’t stop there. The association went further in distancing itself from partisan Republican politics by condemning the acts of torture that the US has done in the war on terror. That’s not a watered-down, general condemnation, but a specific condemnation of the White House’s policies. I’m wondering how long until the hardcore Republican pundits denounce the NAE as a bunch of terrorist loving, traitorous Democrats.

And finally am I the only one who finds this ironic?

But Dobson and the other signatories of the letter to the National Association of Evangelicals board said evidence supporting global warming was not conclusive and that the organization “lacks the expertise to settle the controversy.”

“The issue should be addressed scientifically and not theologically,” they said, calling on the group’s board to either rein in Cizik or encourage him to resign.

When was the last time Dobson or other Fox-News evangelicals thought that they shouldn’t speak on something because it was out of their expertise? From creationism to Terri Schaivo the religious right is always butting in on topics that they not only lack the expertise for but also completely reject the opinion of experts. They’ve had much success in dumbing down our politics for the last thirty years. I wonder if the happenings of the NAE is a sign that Christian progressives are beginning to make inroads into the religious right.



“lacks the expertise to settle the controversy.”

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