More Americus Tornado Pictures


My mom has sent more pictures from tornado-devastated Americus.


Hey Reed!

The “Looter-Deterrent” signs are too funny! I never saw those.….that part of town was pretty much impossible to get to for the first week or so after the tornado. I imagine Bob, my Dad, and your Mom had ways of “sweet-talking” the National Guard.…lol! But seriously, a Marine reservist told me the Radio Shack was completely cleaned out by looters within 1 hour of the tornado hitting. A couple of nights later, the authorities were pulling people out of the rubble of the Winn-Dixie Pharmacy. Apparently, someone had run out of their Vicodin prescription! lol!

my best friends kayla holly lives in americus were the tornado hit but i live in enterprise alabama were the tornado also hit

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