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I decided to join Youtube and post some animations I made during my dissertation research. These animations were made in the early stages of my third-chapter research. The model eventually changed and no longer produced simple, pretty animations. However, I’ll post two videos and explain what is going on.

This is an animation of a continuous “plant” population evolving with local dispersal. Each square is an individual. Blue squares have marker genotype AA, green Aa, and yellow aa. The point to take home is how local dispersal decreases the genetic variation locally, producing patches of homozygotes. If I still had my longer movies, then you would be able to see much larger patches evolving in later generations. Note that there is no selection on this marker. However, things are different in the next animation.

This animation is similar to the previous one, except that the marker locus is now linked to a gametophytic self-incompatibility locus, 20 centimorgans away. Whereas, local dispersal promotes localized inbreeding and patchiness, a self-incompatibility system facilitates outbreeding and decreases patchiness. By comparing the first movie to the second, you can see the difference, and don’t have to bother with understanding the statistics that I used in my third chapter to measure patchiness. Unlike the previous model, this model involves selection because self-incompatibility loci are under balancing selection, and the marker locus experiences a bit of that selection because it is linked to the self-incompatibility locus. We in the business call that hitchhiking.

Note: I’m sorry for the slow loading of these movies. I’m not sure why Youtube doesn’t like them.

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