The Scientist's Article on Me and Blogging

If your institution has access, you can now read the story about me (and other bloggers) in this month’s the Scientist: “Scooped by a Blog.” (Sadly, it looks like NCSU’s subscription ran out this month.) If you can’t get access, drop me an email, and I can privately send you a copy. They ran the image that I sent; however, Prof. Steve Steve was airbrushed out of the photo like some Stalinist purge.

Oh well, I’m still giddy about the success of our April Fool’s prank yesterday, so I’ll let this one slide.

One day in March 2005, Reed Cartwright jotted his thoughts on his blog, De Rerum Natura, after reading a paper that had just been published in Nature. Cartwright, then a PhD student in genetics at the University of Georgia, was skeptical….

That wasn’t the end of it, however. Six months later, Cartwright received an E-mail from Luca Comai, a plant geneticist from the University of California, Davis, who had independently come up with the same idea and was in the process of publishing it in Plant Cell. “A friend of mine just brought to my attention your blog on hothead,” Comai wrote. “I have developed an explanation for the described phenomenon that is nearly identical to the one you posted … I think that I should acknowledge your work in some way. One way would be for you to be a coauthor.”

Read Scooped by a Blog (if you have access).

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The April issue of The Scientist contains a good article on science blogging, titled Scooped by a Blog by David Secko (Vol. 21, Issue 4, page 21) focusing on publishing data on blogs, running an Open Notebook lab online, and... [Read More]

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