Everyday is a Day of Worship


The Alabama High School Athletic Association has denied a team’s request to schedule a nationally televised football game on a Sunday, citing “Sunday is a day of worship”:

“Sunday is a day of worship,” AHSAA executive director Dan Washburn said when citing the reason for denying Hoover’s application to play an out-of-state opponent.


I wonder if anybody pointed out to Dan Washburn that Saturday is a day of worship as well. Oh yeah, and Friday is a day of worship, but I don’t expect the AHSAA to move high school football to Wednesday’s because Friday is a day of prayer for Muslims.

Heck, everyday is a day of worship for some people. Let’s cancel high school football in Alabama altogether if the AHSAA is so concerned about allowing people to worship.


For a lot of us, no day is a day of worship.

Spending a day praising your imaginary friend is a day wasted.

I’m right there with you, waldteufel.

I thought football was a sacrament in Alabama. It is in Texas.

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