Finale to the Case of the Missing Luggage

I finally got my luggage this afternoon. It arrived at the dorm while I was walking around Halifax this morning and afternoon. I didn’t know it was there because the delivery people never called me like they were supposed to. The woman working the desk stopped me on my way out and asked if I was Mr. Cartwright. That is how I got my luggage; Dalhousie University did its job. Because of that, I was able to put on a fresh pair of clothes and grab Prof. Steve Steve before the conference started.

So while I was talking on the phone to the woman at American Airlines, who told me that it was in Toronto, it was downstairs the entire time. I don’t think she knew where it was. I just think that she was giving me a story to make me believe that it was going to arrive tonight. If not, some poor person is having their bag routed to Halifax for no good reason.

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Posted by Tiffany on June 25, 2007 12:29 AM

Yay! I’m so glad you didn’t lose your entire wardrobe! Maybe when the bag that “went to Toronto” shows up, you will have twice as many clothes! Or maybe a suitcase filled with money. Even better.