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Bad Headline

Serial killer may be Tennessee trucker, police say

This is an article about a man, Bruce Mendenhall, who police have arrested in Nashville. As I read it, according to the headline they know he is a serial killer and suspect that he may be a Tennessee trucker … whaaaa?

Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Shouldn’t the headline read “Tennessee trucker may be serial killer, police say”?

I suspect that when the someone in higher management looks at that headline in the morning it will change to something more reasonable. I often see bad headlines on cnn.com change for the better during the day.

And a final thought: the trucker is from Illinois.


As of early Friday afternoon, the headline on cnn.com now reads “Trucker may be serial killer, police say.” Looks like they fixed both of the errors that I noted. Maybe they should stop outsourcing their journalism to Kazakhstan.

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