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A couple weeks ago, tree surgeons working out side of a hospital in Wake county, discovered that there was a large hive of bees living in large oak that needed to come down. Due to the decline of wild and domestic honey bees, the state and county governments sent beekeepers to save the hive. The story was popular in the local news and made the NY Times as well.

Volunteers with the Wake County Beekeepers Association and state bee specialists squirted smoke from smoldering canisters into the opening of the giant oak to calm the bees, then moved eight large chunks of honeycomb from the trunk to a new bee box.

“We got them a good home,” said Danny Jaynes, president of the Wake County Beekeepers Association and hobby beekeeper. “It’s one of the most rewarding days of my beekeeping life.”

The combs, containing thousands of adult bees, juveniles and eggs, were placed inside wooden frames. The frames hang vertically like files inside the bee box. By moving the combs, beekeepers expect most of the bees will relocate to raise the young bees and make a new home.

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