Announcing Xomment


To improve the experience for our readers on Panda’s Thumb, I’ve been working a while on revolutionizing the comment experience with Web 2.0 technology. An early version of the technology is already running the Bathroom Wall, and I’ve deployed it on this site. Note that I’ll deploy it fully on PT once MT 4.15 gets out of beta.

I’m very proud of the technology and have released it to the Movable Type blogging community as Xomment. What makes Xomment special is that it Ajaxifies the comments, providing four new features.

  1. Comment paneling. It’s like pagination, only better.
  2. Comment submission without redirect.
  3. Comment preview without redirect.
  4. Comment quotation.

Cool, huh?

For download and installation instructions, see Xomment documentation.


Comment test ;)

So how does it work?

Ah - I see.

background publishing is enabled again. Let’s see what the speed is.

Xomment, schmomment…whatever.

Where is a 14-year-old when I need one?

Luddites Unite.…go to

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