Free Day


Took the day off work.

Voted Early.

Tried to explain to a senior citizen that she shouldn’t be afraid of voter fraud.

Went to the state fair.

Watched draft horse competition.

Drank smoothie.

Watched Hereford bull competition.

Looked at champion goats and sheep.

Ate steak sandwich with Coke.

Looked at championship rabbits.

Drank lemonade.

Watched more draft horses competition.

Watched trick bike show.

Ate roasted turkey leg.

Rode Ferris wheel.

Rode the Zipper with screaming wife.

Ate deep fried Snickers with Coke.

Saw championship arts and crafts.

Went home.

Wrote blog post.


Nice. Now please don’t say anything about the roasted turkey leg, you are making me really hungry. :)

sounds like the fair is in town

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