Death Note


Looking for something to do? I recommend heading over to Hulu and checking out Death Note, an amazing anime series involving power over life and death. It is an amazing cat and mouse game between a police dective, L, and Kira, a vigilantle who executes criminals by writing their names in his God-of-Death notebook.

It may seem like a simple premise, but the plot is very intricate as both L and Kira develop plans to defeat the other by predicting each others moves. In nearly every case, they know exactly what the other will do, meaning that their plans must be elaborate. Its like cops-and-robbers played on a chess board crafted by the Grim Reaper. Their creativity and cunning are astounding, and just when you think one of them has won, the other one is ready with his next move. Simply amazing.


I think it’s “vigilante”, although perhaps he “vigilantly” pursues his prey. My neice watches it on Adult Swim Saturday nights here, and she loves the show. I’ve seen it a few times and could never get into it. It is well drawn, and the voice acting seems good.

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