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Abstinence-only education is a failure. Study after study has found that teenagers who receive abstinence-only education are no less likely to have sex as other teenagers, but are less likely to use protection when they do.

Now it appears that the prudes who brought us abstinence-only education in middle and high schools are targeting universities. According to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, several Georgia politicians and religious right activists have become upset that the University System of Georgia has faculty members who are experts in human sexual behavior and diseases. These culture warriors are now making a bunch of noise to get the faculty members fired citing budget issues. As expected, these politicians are ignorant of academia, public policy, public health, history, and the law.

[Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton)] singled out Georgia State University, which lists in its 2009 media experts guide faculty members who are knowledgeable about male prostitution and oral sex. The guide is used by reporters and public policy organizations to find experts in various fields. Hill said he was “personally outraged” that tax money supports such professors.

His concern was echoed on the floor of the House on Friday by Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Woodstock).

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have heard me right,” she said. “In this present economy, the taxpayers’ dollars are being used by the Board of Regents to inform students about such social topics. … I believe the timing is perfect to eliminate positions of professors and staff who are paid to provide such services.”

Georgia currently lacks enough public health and medical professors to keep up with its growing population (which is why the Medical College of Georgia is expanding to Athens), and these idiots think that firing what experts the state has is going to improve things. Morons.

And it gets better; Rep. Byrd was so outraged that she used YouTube to let her constituents know:

Now a lesson in Georgia history.

In 1941, Gov. Eugene Talmadge fired several pro-integration faculty members.—Yes, the religious right is acting like a bunch of segregationists.—As a result of this political interference Georgia’s public universities lost their accreditation. In 1942, Talmadge lost reelection to Ellis Arnall, who had vowed to restore the integrity of the universities. While in office, Arnall led the passing of a constitutional amendment that completely severed control of Georgia’s universities from the politicians in Atlanta.


Paragraph I. University System of Georgia; board of regents. (a) There shall be a Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia which shall consist of one member from each congressional district in the state and five additional members from the state at large, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Governor shall not be a member of said board. The members in office on June 30, 1983, shall serve out the remainder of their respective terms. As each term of office expires, the Governor shall appoint a successor as herein provided. All such terms of members shall be for seven years. Members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. In the event of a vacancy on the board by death, resignation, removal, or any reason other than the expiration of a member´s term, the Governor shall fill such vacancy; and the person so appointed shall serve until confirmed by the Senate and, upon confirmation, shall serve for the unexpired term of office.

(b) The board of regents shall have the exclusive authority to create new public colleges, junior colleges, and universities in the State of Georgia, subject to approval by majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Such vote shall not be required to change the status of a college, institution or university existing on the effective date of this Constitution. The government, control, and management of the University System of Georgia and all of the institutions in said system shall be vested in the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

(c) All appropriations made for the use of any or all institutions in the university system shall be paid to the board of regents in a lump sum, with the power and authority in said board to allocate and distribute the same among the institutions under its control in such way and manner and in such amounts as will further an efficient and economical administration of the university system.

(d) The board of regents may hold, purchase, lease, sell, convey, or otherwise dispose of public property, execute conveyances thereon, and utilize the proceeds arising therefrom; may exercise the power of eminent domain in the manner provided by law; and shall have such other powers and duties as provided by law.

(e) The board of regents may accept bequests, donations, grants, and transfers of land, buildings, and other property for the use of the University System of Georgia.

(f) The qualifications, compensation, and removal from office of the members of the board of regents shall be as provided by law.

Notice the two things I’ve emphasized. One, all the power to govern the University System of Georgia rests with the Board of Regents. And two, the legislature has no power over the budget of the USG. Simply put, the legislators are powerless to enact their fantasy. You’d think that they would have discovered that in all their budget “research”.

By calling for the removal of faculty members, Hill and Byrd have demonstrated their ignorance of academia, public policy, public health, history, and the law. Morons through and through.


It appears that other legislators, who have some familiarity with higher education, organized a smack down.

Two of those experts spoke to the House committee Tuesday. Kirk Elifson is listed as an expert in male prostitution. He said he became an expert while serving as a captain in the Army in Vietnam and later became a professor. The Centers for Disease Control, he said, sought out his expertise to help with the growing AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

“We’ve done some cutting-edge research in HIV,” he said. “I’m proud of the work I’ve done.”

Oh, snap, they were dissing a veteran.

Mindy Stombler, another Sociology instructor, is listed as an expert in oral sex. She said her research is aimed at studying attitudes of teens toward sex, who, she said, are increasingly having oral sex and see it as “casual and socially acceptable.”

Several members of the committee praised Elifson and Stombler for their work, Hill, too, spoke to the committee but given the chance, did not ask the GSU faculty any questions.

Hill is still continues to be and idiot:

He argued that in a time of budget cuts universities should not offer classes that do not help students get jobs.

The University of Georgia is not a trade school. That’s Georgia Tech.


Contact Ben Stein! The gov’mint is trying to Expel someone for what they study!

I note that nowhere in the AJC article does it state that the professors in question try to promote these horrible things. All it looks like they are doing is studying them from a public health point of view.

What a bunch of arrogant, righteous assholes.

OMG! Them ejumakatrs up ‘ere at that fancy schmancy college is up ‘ere ejumakatin!

I bet you think you’re oh so smart with them college degrees, doncha college boy? Well, I don’t need no stinkin’ college degree to know that butsecks and stuff iz 4 the DEVIL!!!!

What a smug little old lady, glorying in her ignorance and trying to spread it like the plague. It’s no wonder we have to have the same conversations over and over.

“No, ‘it’s just a theory’ is not a valid scientific argument.” “No, we share a common ancestor with other apes.” “No, Charles Darwin is not our god.” “No, evolution does not violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.” “No, evolution does not posit that dogs give birth to cats.” “No, Ben Stein is neither an intelligent or decent human being, nor does he know thee first thing about Science. Or economics, apparently.” “No, the antonym of “Honesty” is not “Dembski”, but it’s pretty damned close. I’ll give you that one.”

How noble. She just thinks that students should pay for it themselves instead of taxpayers. She’s just lookin out for the taxpayers! [1]

[1] Oh, and, P.S., she thinks the time is right to eliminiate the teachers and staff.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to eliminate state legislators?

Queer theory is just a theory.

“Study after study has found that teenagers who receive abstinence-only education are no less likely to have sex as other teenagers, but are less likely to use protection when they do.”

What studies? Please cite some.

hurr hurr hurr

Constitutional law? whuts dat?

NilsRuhr said:

“Study after study has found that teenagers who receive abstinence-only education are no less likely to have sex as other teenagers, but are less likely to use protection when they do.”

What studies? Please cite some.

Try google. there are literaly too many to list.

Or perhaps you’d like to cite studies showing its effectiveness? LOL

LOL - she’s wearing a pearl necklace while talking about oral sex.

[grabs hat and coat and leaves the room]

What studies? Please cite some.

Ask Bristol Palin about that. Her mother sacrificed her own daughter on the altar of her wingnut ideology.

The three highest states for teen age pregnancy are Mississippi, Texas, and New Mexico. All states where nice teen agers don’t have sex. But they must have storks on steroids and meth. Or lots of cabage patches.

The lowest teen age pregnancy rates are in the heathen states of New England.

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