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Pinus palustris


Pinus palustris — Longleaf Pine “grass stage,” Carolina Beach State Park

We’re running some popgen simulations on an OS X workstation in the lab, and I’m trying to squeeze everything out of it I can by using the Intel Compiler 11, “icc.” Our code uses GSL so I’ve had to compile it with icc as well and that is where the fun begins. This is what I learned.

  1. make check is very important to ensure that GSL is compiled correctly
  2. GSL does not like -fast because it doesn’t like -ipo. I’m not sure if it is because -ipo shouldn’t be used with libraries anyway.
  3. GSL does not like optimizations that reduce the precision of floating point operations
  4. GSL’s ode-intval library does not like icc’s vectorization

To optimally compile GSL and pass all of its tests, I used the following flags:

-O3 -xHost -DNDEBUG -fp-model precise -fp-model source

However, for the ode-intval library, I had to edit the Makefile and add -no-vec to get it to compile right.

Ardea herodias

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Ardea herodias — Great Blue Heron, Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Ardea herodias


Ardea herodias — Great Blue Heron, Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Across the Pond

I’m flying across the Atlantic for my first time today. I have an interview on Monday in England. I’ll be back in Raleigh on Tuesday, so I won’t have much time to sight-see. But I should have some pictures. Unfortunately, Prof. Steve Steve is not traveling with me this time.

Victoria amazonica


Victoria amazonica — Water Lily, Sarah P. Duke Gardens

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