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A while back Six Apart made much of their Movable Type blogging software open source. Many people hoped that this would make MT a community driven software project and allow Six Apart to focus on providing support for enterprise blogging solutions. Sadly, Movable Type is still developed basically as a closed source system, with roadmaps and feature sets kept internal to the company.

It is nearly impossible for someone on the outside to contribute to the project. And if you don’t serve MT using Apache, good luck getting support or getting them to fix non-apache bugs in their software. I filed a bug with Six Apart over a year ago, which pertained to how certain plugins interacted with my MT-Dispatch system.—MT-Dispatch is the only way to run MT on some webservers, like Nginx, and provides advanced FastCGI support on all webservers.—In this bug report I provided a one-line patch to MT, which ensures that all plugin types behave the same way and work with MT-Dispatch. It wasn’t even a new line of code I just copied some logic from one plugin type to another.

However, Six Apart had no interest in including this simple patch in their software because MT-Dispatch and non-Apache webservers were not supported by their company. Its is a stupid policy if they are trying to get community involvement in their open source system. They finally committed my patch this month, after they discovered that Mod-Perl was affected by the same problem as MT-Dispatch. If they would have just listed to me in the first place, they would have fixed the Mod-Perl bug sooner.

But’s that’s all history because a group of influential Movable Type consultants and developers have forked MTOS and are producing Melody, which will be an actual open source, community driven project.

I am hoping to see my MT-Dispatch and Xomment technology (or some derivative of them) committed to Melody’s core. But I lack the time to do such development, so I’m hoping to interest another developer to do it. Time will tell if anyone is interested enough to put the work in.

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